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Yoga is for everyone. We offer a variety of classes for every level and style. Don't know what you like? Come visit a few classes.

Our introductory offer for new students is 2 weeks unlimited for $25.

Available Classes

Downward Dog Flow - This is Kelli's signature Vinyasa Flow class. A creative and thoughtful weave of movement with breath.  Each unique class explores variations of Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutations), standing & seated postures, standing & arm balances, back bends & inversions. Guided by a steady breath to tone and calm the body & mind.  This class is taught with music. Previous yoga experience is recommended.

Vinyasa Flow- A dynamic and challenging sequence of postures that synchronizes breath with movement in order to build strength, balance, and flexibility. Vinyasa classes taught with music. All levels welcome.

Prana Flow Vinyasa® - Prana Flow Vinyasa® is a creative, energetic and dynamic methodology of embodying the essence of yoga as created by internationally renowned teacher, Shiva Rea. Classes include flowing postures, creative sequencing, breath work and meditation that guide us deeper into the state of flow. The core of Prana Flow Vinyasa® is the 3 part Vinyasa method which incorporates Pulsation Vinyasas, Body Vinyasas and Rhythmic Vinyasas. These techniques allow us to explore the energetic movements of Prana within our body, connect with our breath and liberate our mind from tension and stress.  Practice is vigorous but options are presented for all levels.

​Barre Fusion - The DWD Barre workout combines classic dance training, yoga and free weights.  This combination creates a high energy class that works the total body, heart and limbs in tandem for effective results, helping to create a long, toned and flexible dancer's body.

Yoga Sculpt & Heated Sculpt - A vigorous workout, utilizing exercise balls and free weights - no previous yoga experience is needed! Heated Sculpt, room is heated to warm the muscles and enable the body to sweat, releasing toxins in the body.  Expect a variety of vigorous and creative core strengthing exercises, arm & leg exercises, standing & mat exercises. This class will use props such as weights, exercise balls and Pilates rings.

6 week sessions:

Yoga for Beginners - This class is for anyone with limited yoga experience or none at all.  Teaches the basics of yoga, breath work, yoga postures and alignment while providing an invigorating workout!  Focus, balance, strength, flexibility, what are you waiting for?  Get on the mat and let's go!

Yoga 101 - Introduction to yoga.  This class teaches the basics of yoga, breath work, postures and alignment while providing an invigorating workout!  Focus, balance, strength, flexibility, a great way to immerse yourself!

Yoga 201 - This class is a continuation of Yoga 101, sticking with the basics, previous yoga experience is recommended.  In a workshop type setting, we will break down and explore various different poses and discuss preparations for practicing poses like crow, headstand, half moon, etc. Meets on Tuesdays at 4:45pm.

Gentle Yoga - Simply that, a 'gentle' yoga class offering gentler options.  This class moves at a slower pace and is perfect for anyone looking to stretch, relax and learn more about the practice of yoga.

Breathe/Stretch/Relax -  Get ready to relax from the chaos of daily life and find your blissful center. Class is a blend of Restorative and Yin yoga with self massage via Therapy Balls. We will use various yoga props to support our postures so that total relaxation can be obtained and specific areas will be targeted for deep stretch and massage. This class is appropriate for all levels, even those without any yoga experience.